Equipment Needed to Drive a GOKART


1. Helmet must be worn. Although there is a guardrail next to the kart, stones or similar things may be splashed during the driving of the kart, which can prevent the safety of the head and protect the eyes.

2. In all sports related to driving sports, there will be a car suit design. Due to the high speed of the movement, the kart suit has a certain flame resistance to prevent the driver from being burned. The special material can avoid improper driving. The injuries that occurred.

3. Gokart gloves are necessary equipment for driving sports. Generally, kart racing gloves have a certain degree of functionality, which can effectively prevent sweating of the palms and avoid losing control of the steering wheel due to slippage. It not only protects the safety of the palms, but also more Control the direction easily and accurately.

4. The original Gokarting sports project did not have professional shoes as equipment; with the development of technology, professional racing shoes were manufactured; this type of shoes usually have soft soles that fit the feet. The driver's foot sensitivity can better control the brakes and throttles, ensuring safety.


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