The definition of the ATV


All terrain vehicle refers to a vehicle that can run on any terrain and can walk freely on the terrain where ordinary vehicles are difficult to move. In China, it is commonly known as beach car. Because its structure is very similar to that of motorcycle, and many parts are common to motorcycle, it is also called "four-wheel motorcycle". This model has a variety of uses and is not limited by road conditions

All terrain vehicle, abbreviated as ATV, is commonly known as "ATV", also known as "all terrain four-wheel off-road locomotive". The vehicle is simple and practical, has good off-road performance and generally has no canopy.
ATV has wide tires, which can increase the contact area with the ground, produce greater friction, and reduce the pressure of vehicles on the ground, making it easy to drive on beaches, river beds, forest roads, streams and harsh desert terrain. It can carry people or transport goods
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