Introduction of all-terrain vehicles:


All-terrain vehicles refer to vehicles that can travel on any terrain and can walk freely on terrain that is difficult for ordinary vehicles to maneuver. Commonly known as ATV in China. Because its structure is very similar to motorcycles, and many parts are common to motorcycles, some people call it "four-wheeled motorcycles." This type of vehicle has a variety of uses and is not restricted by road conditions. It is widely used in North America and Western Europe, showing an upward trend year by year.
All-terrain vehicles in English is All Terrain Vehicle (transportation suitable for all terrains), abbreviated as ATV, commonly known as "ATV", also known as "all-terrain four-wheel off-road locomotive", the vehicle is simple and practical, good off-road performance, and general appearance Without awning. In short, it is difficult to express its meaning with a simple Chinese name. ATV has large tires that can increase the contact area with the ground, generate greater friction and reduce the pressure of the vehicle on the ground, making it easy to drive on beaches, river beds, forest roads, streams, and harsh desert terrain. It can carry people or transport goods.

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