ATV classification


According to the displacement and the external characteristics of the vehicle, the United States usually divides all-terrain vehicles into:
①Youth type, with a displacement less than or equal to 125ml, mainly for teenagers and children.
②Utility. Its shape is square and a bit like a jeep (called "Jeep" in Taiwan). The biggest feature is the addition of front and rear racks, which have multiple functions and are extremely practical. They can carry goods, Farmland farming, hunting, etc.
③Sport, with a streamlined appearance that is very sporty, suitable for high-speed, leap, and stunts. Foreign all-terrain vehicle races are mainly based on this type.
④Military type: refers to a vehicle that can travel on any terrain. The biggest feature is that it can walk freely on terrain that is difficult for ordinary vehicles to maneuver. Classified according to the way of walking, all-terrain vehicles have two types: wheeled and crawler. The military potential of all-terrain vehicles has been recognized by more and more military forces, and its development is in the ascendant. It is not only a large family, but also a variety of models and novel styles. Nowadays, all-terrain vehicles have a trend of miniaturization, serving special forces. The United States has invested in the "athlete" 700MV all-terrain vehicle in several local wars, which has been highly praised by American officers and soldiers.
Anti-mine anti-ambush all-terrain vehicle
In addition, according to the engine displacement, the Special Vehicles Association of America (SVIA) divides all-terrain vehicles into: ① Adult type, with a displacement greater than 90 ml, suitable for use by adults over 16 years old (including 16 years old); ② Juvenile type, The displacement is in the range of 70-90 ml, suitable for children aged 12 to 15; ③Children type, the displacement is less than 70 ml, suitable for children aged 6 to 11 years.
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