Engine Torque Adjustment


Engine torque adjustment

The important parameters that affect the engine torque in the engine electronic control management system are the throttle body opening boost pressure, fuel injection time and ignition advance.

1. Mechanically adjustable throttle body

Engine torque adjustment. Various torque demand information is sent to the engine controller one by one.
However, for the mechanically adjustable throttle body, the torque demand cannot be optimally coordinated.

Therefore, the engine controller cannot directly intervene in the mechanically adjustable throttle body.

2. Electronically controlled throttle body

Engine torque adjustment can achieve torque-based engine torque for the electronically controlled throttle body.
Motivation electronic control management system. In other words, the engine controller first collects all internal torque
Torque demand and external torque demand, and then make the necessary conversion, so as to achieve the required torque more accurately and effectively.

The main internal torque requirements include:

(1) Start

(2) Catalytic reactor heating

(3) Idle speed adjustment

(4) Air-fuel ratio controlf

The main external torque demand comes from: the driver

(1) Cruise control

(2) Speed limit

(3) Automatic transmission

(4) Air conditioner

(5) Braking system

The engine controller obtains the required theoretical torque according to the internal torque demand and the external torque demand.

The actual torque is calculated by the engine speed, ignition advance angle and engine load signal.

In the process of engine torque adjustment, the engine controller first compares the actual torque with the theoretical

The torque is compared. If there is a deviation between the two, the engine electronic control system will be adjusted appropriately

The function makes the actual torque value consistent with the theoretical torque value.

The electronic control management system can adjust the engine torque in two ways.

1. It only controls the adjustment parameters that affect the air intake, and its action time is longer, so it is

It is called the long-term torque demand adjustment parameter. Such as:

(1) Throttle valve body opening

(2) Supercharge pressure of supercharged engine

2. Only the adjustment parameters that have nothing to do with the air intake are changed. Because of its short action time and quick response,

Therefore, it is also called the short-term torque demand adjustment parameter. Such as:

(1) Ignition advance angle

(2) Injection time


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